Break Free from Karma, Blocks, and
Energetic and Unconscious Programming

Breaking Free from Karma, Spiritual , Unconscious, and Energetic Blocks, and Programming

Spiritual Alchemy: Breaking Free from Karma, Blocks, and Programming


hard work,

endlessly analyzing yourself,

or feeling like you have to take care of everyone. 


hard work, endlessly analyzing yourself,

Please Watch This Brief, Important Video

Relax, Let Your Spirit Take Charge and Experience Profound Spiritual Transformation

If you're like me, you have a deep inner drive to keep growing personally and spiritually

You have a drive to open up more of your full potential

you want to have more success and happiness.  

And it's important to you that you can contribute to others and help make the world a better place.  

The bad news: 

There are a lot of intense energies in the world, in the collective energy field, right now. Anger, anxiety, fear, loneliness, and other disempowering emotions

It makes everything more difficult and more challenging.

It Feels Like There Are Invisible Walls...

You have worked on your personal and spiritual development, but it can feel like climbing a mountain with no end in sight 

You've read books, gone to workshops, watched videos, and tried other ways to access more the full potential you believe or at least hope is inside of you

And you've had successes and improvements but you know there is more  

Sometimes you've grown spiritually, but it didn't improve your day to day life

You feel you are meant for more

But feels like there are invisible walls holding us back

So how do you take your spirituality to your next level?

How do you do it in a way that improves all aspects of your life?  

People have discovered that...

Meditation while transformative, isn't enough.  

Visualization and conscious intention are powerful. But it isn't enough.  

Changing limiting beliefs is not enough.  

Working with unconscious blocks is not enough.

It’s not your fault; you have reached the limit of what those tools can do for you. Keep reading to discover what is missing

So what's missing?

  • Creating your Miraculous Self: Being guided and supported by your spirit and deep inner human wisdom working together. This takes you to levels that your conscious mind cannot do on its own

  • Release from the Spiritual Cages created by karma and spiritual contracts

  • Whole Being Permission and Alignment: Your spirit, soul, conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body coming into alignment on what you will manifest in your life

  • Reprogramming your chakras and energy field to create success, fulfillment, love, and happiness

This is why I created the Spiritual Alchemy Program

It is based on 39 years of working with spiritual people who want to open more of their full potential to live a more miraculous life

The good news:

These challenging times are also an incredible opportunity to make profound personal and spiritual growth

You don't have to do it alone, you can have guidance, transformative energies, and the energetic support of an amazing community

We can break free from karma, spiritual blocks, energetic blocks, unconscious and programming that hold us from living more miraculous lives

By releasing these limitations and embracing more positive and uplifting ways of being, individuals can create a brighter and more fulfilling future for themselves.

We can connect with with our Miraculous Selves and transform our lives on a deep level.

“Training in NLP provided me with a set of tools and techniques that gave me access to that ‘central storage system’, also known as the mind. Now I understood the mental processes underlying my behaviors and had strategies to replace those programs with more empowering ones.

I was still troubled, however, because there was still so much I didn’t understand about why I had developed all these feelings.

Shortly afterwards, however, I started studying Energetic NLP (ENLP) developed by Art Giser and had a breakthrough that was to complete my Awakening.

One evening, while in an ENLP workshop, I felt a massive knot in my stomach. My body seemed to be reacting to the workshop leader’s words and, at one point, I felt as though I couldn’t breathe, so I asked what was going on.

He closed his eyes and, smiling, said: ‘Oh, it’s your mother’s anxiety. You are breaking free from your ancestral patterns . . . 98 percent of who you think you are is not truly who you are, it’s other people’s energies in your space. Their beliefs, attitudes, stresses, fears all influence our behavior.’

His words opened up a world of questions for me, but finally I knew where to look for the missing piece of my puzzle.”

—from: The Awakening: 9 Principles for Finding the Courage to Change Your Life by Sidra Jafri

Spiritual growth is a journey of self-discovery that involves breaking free from habit patterns and behaviors that keep us stuck in cycles of karma, blocks, and programming. By letting go of these unconscious patterns, we can open ourselves up to the possibilities of effortless spiritual expansion.

Announcing a new program In

Spiritual Alchemy: Breaking Free from Karma, Blocks, and Unconscious, Energetic and Spiritual Programming

Live and in person (the first in person Energetic NLP program in 4 years)

Energetic NLP Program In London

Unique Benefits of the Spiritual Alchemy Program

In the Spiritual Alchemy program, you get to:

  • Release energetic barriers that hold you back

  • Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and let your inner wisdom automatically replace them with empowering beliefs

  • Clear karma,

  • End or revise "spiritual contracts"

  • Heal and clear unconscious blocks

  • Create your "Miraculous Self"

  • Be guided, nurtured, and supported by your Miraculous Self

  • Let your Miraculous Self automatically replace limiting beliefs and old programing with empowering beliefs

  • Advance to new levels of spiritual growth

  • Develop a deeper connection to your true self

  • Open more of your full potential

  • Have more confidence and joy

Unleash Your Miraculous Self

As you participate in the program, you’ll learn to relax and let your inner wisdom come forth. With this newfound clarity, you can harness your own unique spiritual power to help you on your journey.

I hope you will take this opportunity to experience this transformation for yourself.


This is a hybrid program: One in person day plus online sessions

You start receiving benefits, as soon as you signup!

There are bonus video sessions you can use immediately after you sign up, so you start receiving the benefits and transformation now

And you will be included in the energy field of the program as soon as you sign up. This is very powerful

Immediate access to videos to start your spiritual alchemy now

Here's what you will receive:

  1. Immediate access to video sessions as soon as you sign up. So you start your living a more miraculous life now

  1. Sunday, May 28, 2023

In Person, 10 AM to 5 PM

Blue Orchid Wellington Hotel, Victoria London (near Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abby and Big Ben)

  1. Two online follow up sessions (with the recordings)

  1. Bonuses

1 recorded pre-session to start clearing blocks immediately now and to make sure you receive the maximum benefits

Live access and the recordings of the two online post sessions

Hear the experiences of participants in an Energetic NLP program

“Every now and then there is a star that burns brightly heralding a new paradigm – Energetic NLP is an elegant synergy and development of our spiritual potential within our everyday reality delivered with a clarity, total empathy, and professionalism that ensures that all participants are held in a generative, productive and most of all, a life-changing space.”

John Fielder – Accredited Interactive Coach, Certified Trainer & Master Practitioner NLP

The early bird gets rewarded

Super early bird before May 10

£149 (in dollars $183)

Two bonus online programs

Heal and Activate Your Chakras: Advanced Chakra Spa

Experiencing Divine Love

(Total value = £805)

Early bird before May 20

£179 ($224)

One bonus online program

Experiencing Divine Love

(Total value = £408)

May 21 on

£199 ($250)

No bonus program

Energetic NLP Program in London

Save your space in this program now and embark on the journey towards spiritual freedom and growth.

The goal is to open your potential to live a miraculous life

As a result of being in this easy and
enjoyable program

  • Be guided by your deep inner wisdom and spirit

  • Learn advanced (but easy and rapid) Energetic NLP energy concepts, processes, and techniques

  • ​Heal subconscious, spiritual, and energetic programing that causes you to hold onto other people's energy

  • Change spiritual contracts

  • Leave knowing simple, rapid, and very effective Energetic NLP processes that you can use to keep enhancing your life in only minutes a day

  • ​Be able to not just be grounded, but to superground

  • Clear karma

Here are some of the comments from the chats during a recent Energetic NLP program

Janeki:    I have been experiencing heal pain and every time we do the grounding, the pain goes away. Thank You So Much 🥰

Theresa:  I am back in my body. Much less other energy bouncing around inside of me. Ahhh

Mailys:    Thank you! feeling great and enthusiastic 🙂🙏

Deb: Thank you.  Such an interesting journey to be on.

Shari & Richard:      Thank you so much, Art! 💜🙏🏻💐

Dr. Tanja:       Thank you Art ♥️

Morwenna:      Thank you!

Shari & Richard:      Love and blessings to everyone... the council of Miraculous Selves! 💜💜💜

Diana:     I feel good and free!

Jo:   thanks Art. It's nice to be here in person today!


Tammy:   Thank you very much Art for the session, and everyone else for being here sharing energy with us <3

kiet: 😻 Thank you Thank you Thank you

Barbara:  Very magical! Thank you o wise one!

Paula:      Thank you for an enriching session, I couldn’t help smiling 😊

Olive:      Thank you Art, lovely session

Melissa:   my crown is smiling

Emma:    Thank you Art 🙏☀️

Veronika: Thank you Art. 

:      Wow, another powerful session that knocked me out at times. Thank you 😁

Kathleen: thank you Art... today was awesome .

Claire:     Thank you, Art. Blessings!

Karen:     Great

Diane:     ✨🌿Thank you so much, Art, and all who  participate! ✨🌿

Shari & Richard:      Om shanti shanti shanti 🙏🏻

Tammy:   The smiling technique... another new one for me. How awesome!

Paula:      Thank you so very much for doing these sessions 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

What happens in an Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ session?

You set your intentions

You relax and put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge

The energy does all the work

Fun Location

Victoria, London.

Close to Westminster Abby, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and so many other possibilities

real transformations...

Unleash more of your potential to live a mirauclous life

 Release societal, familial, and ancestral programming energies

 Clear energetic and spiritual programming

Art Giser, the creator of Energetic NLP and your guide to living a mirauclous life

“Art is a master in the art of the possible. And what’s possible will exceed your wildest expectations.

So don’t delay, sign up now.”

Elaine Hopkins – London

“I have done many workshops with other healers/self-improvement instructors and what makes Art shine above them all is his integrity and authenticity. The workshops are small and intimate with lots of practical hands-on exercises and tools that you can take into your everyday life. Art is committed to helping transform your life and is generous about letting you share his knowledge with others”

Rona Magnay - London

What the Experts Say About Art Giser and Energetic NLP

Just a few of the conferences and podcasts that have featured Art Giser

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