“For most people, the greatest good they could do for themselves is to change their energy.”

Deepak Chopra

You Have Untapped Miraculous Abilities That Are Waiting To Be Released With the Power of Energetic Neuro-Linguistic Programming


You know you were

meant for more

"Everyone was born with untapped

miraculous-magical abilities.


-Art Giser

No matter how successful or challenging parts of your life are now, you have a deep knowing that so much more is possible for you.

You Have Untapped Miraculous Abilities That Are Waiting To Be Released With the Power of Energetic Neuro-linguistics Programming

“You have amazing abilities that have been

sleeping, waiting to be activated.

…but most people just don’t know how to fully access them to live richer, stronger, joyful, and more abundant lives!

“Art Giser’s work powerfully combines NLP and energy utilization.

He guides the individual to new levels of awareness

that create a pathway to deeper connections with the instinctual self” ­

Ann Gardner, Ph.D., NLP Trainer

It is possible to tap into a greater system of energetic support by aligning the conscious and unconscious mind, with your body, your personal inner wisdom, and your spirit.

That is when the Miraculous Self emerges, and you gain access to greater energies and incredible spiritual support.

…but most people just don’t know how to fully access them to live richer, stronger, joyful, and more abundant lives!

What The Experts Say About Art Giser and Energetic NLP



“Art is a superb and gifted trainer, one of the best. He combines warmth and humor with exceptional clarity, and is absolutely committed to his participants achieving their goals.”


Robert Dilts, major developer of NLP and author of over 15 books on applications of NLP

“He can address the delicate personal and emotional terrain of human emotions and at the same time stay focused on achieving practical outcomes. I am frequently called upon to make referrals for a variety of coaching and consulting request and Art is always at the very top of my list. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a trainer, coach, consultant and practitioner. Whatever the situation is, Art will be able to help!”



“Art can help people in very, very practical ways with things they always struggled with and where they were never able to find the answers to. The four-day workshop was a resounding success. It exceeded all of their expectations. They found they could do things they had no concept that they could do before. They can read other peoples energy and help to heal them.”

In This Brief Video, Allen Shares His Transformations From

the Discover Your Miraculous Abilities (DYMA)

I am so grateful for this opportunity...this three-day program to discover my miraculous abilities. ... the name of the program really, really tells the truth because I discovered or rediscover my miraculous abilities .... learned how to properly utilize this gift for the benefits and the greater good and not only for myself, but for other people as well and working with energy and imagination. ...

I am so excited because I am now acquiring the wisdom and the understanding and the knowledge to properly harvest and utilize this miraculous ability of mine and to help people out there in the world. ... learning that it is easy and fun to enjoy the process that unfolds in your life, to enjoy the healing that is happening for you and to have fun playing with energy and enjoy the process as well as you help other people get better release whatever it is that is making the mistake as well...

I have been able to recognize and become aware of subconscious blogs or energies that have been with me for essentially as long as I can remember or that .... And I am peeling off those layers, .... I'm so looking forward to what is to come as well. I would recommend DYMA to anybody who is looking to tap into their abilities, their gifts and realize them and bring them forward to help themselves in their life, their family, their friends and perhaps other people also. ...

Have fun meeting new friends, new people that understand me, and I understand them and that together we can grow and evolve. ...Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And I hope to see you very soon again.

Allen Kares, participant in Discover Your Miraculous Abilities

“Art is a master in the art of the possible.

And what’s possible will exceed your wildest expectations.”



What is Energetic NLP?

Are there advantages of doing Energetic NLP with a virtual community?


The group energy field makes dissolving blocks and opening your miraculous abilities easy! Even when the group is not physically together. For thousands of years, people have come together to enhance their personal and spiritual growth. People have known that meditating in groups increased the energy and the benefits.

Energetic NLP attracts amazing people who are heart-centered, committed to their personal and spiritual development, and to helping other people. We will create an energy field that makes healing and dissolving blocks, karma, and old emotional pains easy and fun. A space where it is easy to open up and enhance your miraculous abilities. A space where you will feel supported, validated, and loved. A space where spiritual growth magically happens.

Art created Discover Your Miraculous Abilities so that you could use the power of a group energy field (and his ability to open up your untapped abilities) to transform your life.

What The Experts Say About Art Giser and Energetic NLP part 2



“Isabel and I are excited about the training you are developing. We think that working in the human energy field is the next great breakthrough in NLP.”



Art Giser is a fine person as well as being a truly gifted teacher and healer. We have seen and experienced the deep changes that can occur as a result of his fascinating work. He blends energy work with powerful NLP patterning about as well as it can be done. We both recommend his training and his work.



“Based on my personal experience, I believe Art Giser to be a gifted healer with a down to earth perspective. I am not qualified to judge whether their work is truly ‘psychic” ­nor do I care about that. An NLP practitioner with an open mind can significantly enhance his or her awareness and effectiveness by studying with him”



“I met Art 27 years ago. We had both studied psychic and human development for many years already. Immediately we began an exciting collaboration that has grown more and more exciting. I have observed Art becoming ever more skillful, powerful and effective, synthesizing meditative disciplines from the East and the West, and even from South America, into a unique, extraordinarily helpful system. Art stays grounded and adventurous, practical and visionary; and can communicate all this information clearly and directly.”



“As someone who is done a lot of self development training, your training reaches the parts of me not only that other trainings didn’t touch, but that I didn’t even know existed. It’s really been fascinating to me. I have had aspects of myself blossoming that I didn’t even know were there. I didn’t even have a hint that those parts of myself existed, but they have come to being as result of being through your training. I’m blossoming.”

Adam Shares His Experience With Energetic NLP

Sue's Experience With Remote Energy Work

Which you will learn how to do in Discover Your Miraculous Abilities!

“Loved this session! Art’s encouragement to us is brilliant. It’s just so darn good to know there’s no ‘one way’ and all I have to do is just BE with it, and hand over to Inner Wisdom and Spirit.

My Dog at my feet rather liked the energy too! I’ve done NLP training to Master Level –

and I never felt this degree of ease before. Thank you.”

Cathy, participant

  • You have the capability to know information by reading someone’s energy.
  • You have the capability to use energy to transform your own and other people’s lives, even at a distance!
  • You have the capability to live a happy, successful, and miraculous life!
  • If you are willing to join a group of wonderful people from all over the world, invest just 3 days in this live, online program, you will open and enhance abilities you never dreamed that you had.
  • And it will be easy, fun, and life-changing

Be able to easily use earth and universal energies to clear, heal and transform your life and other people’s lives.

Be guided and supported by your inner wisdom and spirit.

If you are already an advanced spiritual seeker, you will take your abilities to a much higher and more profound level.

Heal and Change

  • Unconscious limiting beliefs and family programming.
  • Energetic programming from your family, ancestors, and society.
  • Karma.
  • Spiritual contracts.

Previous Participants Report Amazing Changes After the 3 Days:

  • Feeling Freer
  • Safer
  • More Authentic
  • More empowered
  • Clearer

“It was great , very freeing for the throat center!! Could feel energy quite powerfully. I could hear but my eyes were closed and felt zapped! At the same time deeply relaxing, so great to do nothing but receive. Thanks!”

MARYANNE, participant

Having fun at an in-person Discover Your Miraculous Abilities Program

The Gold Crowns Are a Fun Way to Realize That You Are the Sovereign of Your Energy Field

“Loved it! Stars and energy having fun. Tears falling, breath changing, as if freeing itself, pushing itself out. I could really feel that ball of living, moving energy coming into my heart center and whole of my system.”


“Wow. Did I need this refresher! Refreshing! Grounding the room from the gold ball with energy lines feels a lot better than the old way I was doing – from my crown and my feet which would tend towards using my own energy!!!! Yikes. Thank you. Will listen again.”


“That session of clearing energy felt great! It felt like receiving a huge comforting hug from my “M” I’m guessing. I can see why Art calls them energy spas. Thank you for this wonderful experience- I look forward to this journey together.“


“(I) feel very happy doing simple things, walking, peeling carrots etc 🙂 Let’s see what unfolds for us. Thank You Art.”


“Loved this session – your encouragement to us is brilliant. It’s just so darn good to know there’s no ‘one way’ and alI I have to do is just BE with it, and hand over to Inner Wisdom and Spirit. My Dog at my feet rather liked the energy too! I’ve done NLP training to Master Level – and I never felt this degree of ease before. Thank you.”


“I listened to the Energy abundance Session 3 times already and each time I am amazed at the amount of relaxing energy passing through me. I feel that this Energetic NLP course is just right for me ;)”


Listen to participants in Energetic NLP Programs

SCHEDULE October Dates

Saturday Oct 8, 2022

9AM – 2 PM PDT (5 PM – 10 PM London)

Optional session plus coaching: 2:30-3:30 PM PDT (10:30 PM – 11:30PM London)

Sunday Oct 9, 2022

9AM – 2 PM PDT (5 PM – 10 PM London)

Optional session plus coaching: 2:30-3:30 PM PDT (10:30 PM – 11:30PM London)

Monday Oct 10, 2022

9AM – 2 PM PDT (5 PM – 10 PM London)

Optional session plus coaching: 2:30-3:30 PM PDT (10:30 PM – 11:30PM London)

Your Miraculous Self is created when you align the vast perspective of your spirit with the practical perspective of your deep, inner human wisdom. When you are guided, nurtured, and supported by your Miraculous Self, you not only blossom spiritually, you do it in a way that makes your life happier, more successful and satisfying. It makes your life more synchronistic and magical.

Everyone has miraculous abilities, but most people just don’t know how to fully access them to live richer, stronger, joyful, and more abundant lives! It is possible to tap into a greater system of energetic support by aligning the conscious and unconscious mind, with the body, our personal inner wisdom and the spirit.

That is when the Miraculous Self emerges and access is given to the greater energies and incredible support that’s available beyond what we see in front of us.

People often describe Art Giser’s sessions as

“going to an energy spa”.

“I don’t have to work! I just set my intention, put my inner wisdom and spirit in charge, relax, and use the miraculous energies that Art brings in to wonderfully enhance my life”.

There will be actionable content, powerful ideas and concepts, and practical advice.

Still, the heart of this program are Energetic NLP Energy Spas™

In this program, you will go way beyond the limitations of thinking and logic.

You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring to clear, heal, and replace energetic and unconscious programming and limiting beliefs.

And then they are automatically replaced by inner wisdom and information from your spirit.

Your life will seem to magically improve.

You won’t have to effort, think hard, be serious, and analyze yourself.

Your miraculous abilities will blossom more quickly when we are having fun, letting it flow, and unleashing the abilities that are already inside every human being.

If you have already participated in sessions with Art Giser, you already know how powerful and enjoyable the energy will be!

Old constricting energies will be released from your cells, chakras, and energy field. You will connect with powerful and enjoyable energies that open up more of your untapped potential. Combined, it brings a greater feeling of well-being, abundance, and potential! It will let you access more of your full potential for happiness, success, love, vitality, and abundance.

After experiencing the release of old, limiting energies from the body, then accessing the nurturing support and wellbeing that’s always there for everyone, you will fully understand why we call these sessions the Energetic NLP Energy Spa™.

“I know I have benefited from everything we have done so far though this Session 4 is for me – one of – if not the best class I have ever taken. I know all classes, training and teachings have brought me here now – I acknowledge and appreciate all. I noticed big shifts with a repeating experience – thank you Universe- that took place soon before this session and then shortly afterwards. Very grateful. Also a new guide / guardian, or one I was not aware of previously, appeared to really step up and enforced my boundary during a vulnerable experience and it felt very protective. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


A “Discover Your Miraculous Self” Participant

You will clear and heal karma and change limiting spiritual contracts.

For the last 39 years, Art has studied intensively with a diverse group

of spiritual teachers, intuitives, and healers including:

  • John Friedlander – author and teacher
  • John Fulton – founder of Aesclepion
  • Joseph Martinez – former president of the Philippine Psychic healers Association of America,
  • John Norman, and many others.

Art has had two empowerments directly from the Dali Lama of Tibet

One to increase his healing abilities (Blue Medicine Buddha) and other Dzogchen (“The Great Perfection”).

Art has a diverse background!

He managed a research lab in reproductive endocrinology for 11 years at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School.

He also is an executive coach and leadership specialist and works with some of the world’s largest companies to develop exceptional leaders and teams.

Art is a Member of The Association for NLP in the UK.

Art has a magical ability to help people release old programming,

karma, spiritual contracts, emotions and limiting beliefs; and

discover how amazing they truly are.

Art studied with all of the major developers of NLP including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Michael Lebeau, David Gordon, Robert Dilts, and Steve and Connie Ray Andreas.

He was also part of the NLP research team headed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon, and Michael Lebeau that developed Imperative Self Analysis. He was one of the first 2 trainers certified by them to teach Imperative Self Analysis.

Art has been an NLP trainer and taught energetic transformative work & intuition development for over 37 years.

He currently lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has clients in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America. Art is known for the joy, humor and compassion that he brings to his work and his ability to simplify complex ideas.

Just a Few of the Publications, Conferences and Podcasts That Have Featured Art

What is Energetic NLP? - Watch This Brief Video to Find Out


No risk to you!

We have taken all the risk out of making the decision to say yes to yourself.

If at the program, you are not loving letting go of what blocks you from manifesting your miraculous abilities, you can receive a refund.

How the 60 day guarantee works:

Attend at least the first day (you must attend the first day to get a refund).

Why? We all get busy, and when you are about to transform your life, unconscious programming and resistance can come up and try to keep your life limited. Since Discover Your Miraculous Self resonated with you and you were motivated to try it, we don’t want to give your programming an excuse to let yourself down by not attending.

After the first, day, if you feel it wasn’t right for you, just let us know. In fact, attend all three days and then you have a full 60 days. Only one person in all these years has asked for a refund, so it’s very unlikely, and we want to take away all the risk to you.

Any questions: email us at art@EnergeticNLP.com

Art Giser

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not sure I am ready to do the program

If you are attracted to taking the program, you are ready!

There will be an online group session before the program where you will clear blocks and open up to getting the most out of Discover Your Miraculous Abilities program. And since everyone will put their own Miraculous Self in charge of how they benefit, you will receive exactly what is right for you now.

Do I have to wait? I am motivated to start transforming my life now!

We love that you are ready to get into action! You can get started immediately with the online Energy Spa™ sessions.

Should I invest the time and money?

We have kept the financial investment very low (if you sign up early) so that anyone can afford it.

The return on the investment of your time in Discover Your Miraculous Abilities is priceless.

What is the cost in self-esteem, happiness, health, money, and joy to NOT live an authentic life?

What is the cost of holding yourself back?

What does it mean that I feel attracted to signing up, but I feel some resistance?

If you feel some resistance, 99.9% of the time that is a positive sign.

When you are about to embark on a program that will wonderfully enhance your life, it often activates unconscious, childhood, ancestral, spiritual, and family programming that will try to hold you back.

It can be confusing at times. One of the goals of the Discover Your Miraculous Abilities program is to be able to get clear guidance from your inner wisdom and spirit.

Will it be hard work?

Absolutely not. You will put your spirit and inner wisdom in charge and let the magic happen.

You will be releasing a lot of old energy and blocks, and opening new abilities. You may be tired at the end of the day, but it is a "good tired".

What if I am not sure if the program is for me?

We take the risk. If you decide that the program is not for you (which is unlikely):

as long as you attend and participate in the first day, you have 60 days after the program to ask for and receive a refund.

Why do you have to participate in the first day? As we are sure you know, success in life comes from commitment. So if you decide to join us and Discover Your Miraculous Abilities, make that a commitment to yourself.

If you are attracted to taking the program, you are ready!

You have 5 things to decide:

  • Do you have a deep desire to open up more of your full potential to live a miraculous life?

  • What is the COI (cost of inaction) for you of not clearing blocks in opening miraculous abilities

  • How long are you going to wait before you open up more of your miraculous potential?

  • Do you want to feel confident, powerful and have deeper satisfaction with your life?

  • Do you think you are worth investing time and money into your personal and spiritual development (we know you are)?

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