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"Hi. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to raise our collective consciousness." --

Barbara, Toronto

"Absolutely Amazing"

Wilma, USA

The world is facing many challenges right now!

Are you interested in spirituality and energy work?

Are you worried and anxious about all the problems facing the world?

Would you like to receive a personal energetic and spiritual healing?

5 Star User Rating!

I wanted to tell you that this was absolutely magical. The healing was so beneficial, not just for me but for the whole world. This is really going to help my physical issues and keep the energies flowing more powerfully. Thank you, and blessings for you and the generosity you present to the world. You are one of my heroes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sharon, US

"Change the World is becoming a highlight of my month. It's a chance to do something useful and real for a complicated world, get one of Art's great clearings at a personal level, and connect with inspiring and like-minded people across the globe."

Anne, Midlands, UK

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These are just a few of the comments that were posted in the chat roll

Thank you, Art. That was phenomenal.

Sharon - Florida

Most delightful and magical session, thank you Art and everyone!


Allen, California

Hi. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to raise our collective consciousness. 
Barbara Toronto, Canada

Really enjoyed this session, feeling light, great connection and benefits to all of us and others in the world.

Lucy, California

Thank you, Art, for a lovely gentle powerful session 
Christine - Aberdeen Scotland  

Fantastic! Thanks Art

Leslie :

Always a Joy, thank you

Sherry G:

Thanks Art, BRILLIANT idea and very much needed.

Caroline :

Many voters and the people in power in politics, business, and religion are making decisions that are short sighted, self-interested, uninformed, confrontational, and leading to more and more long-term problems.

Join a wonderful online community, that makes the world a better place by helping people all over the world bring more spirituality into their decisions and daily actions.

And receive an energetic clearing and spiritual opening for yourself, too.

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"My thanks to you, Art, for creating an opportunity to bring our energies together to change the world from the comfort of our living room. A healing experience on a grand scale. Thank you. "

Dorothy Nesbit - London, England

"Thanks, Art for another beautiful "Change the world call tonight. It's a privilege to be part of it."

Pam, UK


Joanne, US

"Thank you so much Art for giving your time and energy too. It's a pleasure to be a part of all this. The energy is truly beautiful." --

Shirley, Essex, UK

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Change the World From Your Living Room

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I'm in my friends living room. Since she has been depressed.
I can see darkness in here like smoke.
But tonight after the session it is beautifully illuminated in here.
thank you Art.


"Hi Art, Last week's call was amazing, I was knocked out for 1 1/2 hrs, I kept coming round for a whirl and the energy was flowing through my body. Loved it. Love & Light" --

Valerie, US

What happens in the session?

It is easy, enjoyable, and life-changing.

If you have never joined us before, you are in for a very special experience

  • You learn how to relax and put your spirit and deep inner wisdom in charge

  • We send an energy healing to people all over the world

  • You receive a powerful, personal energy healing

In these times of intense change in the world, it is more important than ever that we help people connect with their spirit and inner wisdom and bring that into their decisions and actions.

I hope that you can join us to help other people, and to get a personal energy healing too!

Thank you so much Art! It was a wonderful experience! I was Light !--Maha.

Art Giser, the Creator of Energetic NLP

"Transformation can be easy and fun"

What is An Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ Session?

People often describe Art Giser’s online sessions as “going to an energy spa”. 

“I don’t have to work! I just set my intention, put my inner wisdom and spirit in charge, relax, and use the miraculous energies that Art brings in to wonderfully enhance my life”.

These are not workshops to "teach you".  

During this session you will go beyond thinking and logic. 

You will put your inner wisdom and spirit in charge and use the extremely powerful energies Art will bring in to clear, heal, and replace energetic and unconscious programming and limiting beliefs.

And then replace them with your inner wisdom and information from your spirit. 

About Art Giser

Art Giser is the creator of Energetic NLP and a gifted healer and intuitive. He created Energetic NLP to provide rapid, easy, and powerful ways for people to unleash themselves – so you can let go of limiting beliefs and old energetic programming which no longer serves you. Infamous for his innate sense of fun, his mischievous way of training, and his light-hearted approach, your time with Art will be full of light, joy, and a lot of laughter! Even though he has a strong scientific background, you will never feel ‘lost’ as Art has the knack of explaining the science behind Energetic NLP in a clear and concise way.

Art has over 39 years of experience in and study of NLP, science, psychic development, and energetic and spiritual healing. He managed a research lab in reproductive endocrinology for 11 years at the University of California, San Francisco Medical School.

He also studied with all of the major developers of NLP including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Michael Lebeau, David Gordon, Robert Dilts, and Steve and Connie Ray Andreas.

He was a member of the NLP research team headed by Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon, and Michael Lebeau that developed Imperative Self Analysis. He was one of the first 2 trainers certified by them to teach Imperative Self Analysis.

Art is a Member of “The Association for NLP (ANLP)”

Art has been an NLP trainer and taught energetic transformative work & intuition development for over 39 years. He currently lives in Los Angeles and San Francisco and has clients in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America.

For the last 40 years, Art has studied intensively with a diverse group of spiritual teachers, intuitives, and healers including John Friedlander – author and teacher, John Fulton – founder of Aesclepion, Joseph Martinez – former president of the Philippine Psychic healers Association of America, and John Norman.

Art has had two empowerments directly from the Dali Lama of Tibet. Including an empowerment to heal other people.

Energetic NLP sessions complement but do not replace professional medical or psychological care.

Always see a doctor or therapist if you are concerned about your physical, mental, or emotional health.

" I have had the privilege of knowing Art for more than 20 years. In all my interactions with him, I have found Art to be a man of integrity, intelligence, skill and heart. In addition, Art has tremendous versatility. He can address the delicate personal and emotional terrain of human emotions and at the same time stay focused on achieving practical outcomes.  I wholeheartedly recommend him as a trainer, coach, consultant and practitioner. Whatever the situation is, Art will be able to help!"

Robert Dilts, one of the leading developers of NLP, and author of 14 books on applications of NLP . "

"Art is a superb and gifted trainer, one of the best. He combines warmth and humor with exceptional clarity, and is absolutely committed to his participants achieving their goals."

 Leslie Cameron-Bandler, co-developer of Nero- Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Imperative Self-Analysis.

"Art Giser is a fine person as well as being a truly gifted teacher and healer. We have seen and experienced the deep changes that can occur as a result of his fascinating work. He blends energy work with powerful NLP patterning about as well as it can be done. We both recommend his training and his work."

Tim Hallbom, President, Kris Hallbom, Co-Director of The NLP and Coaching Institute of California

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