Are you tired of the same old blocks and limitations in your life?

Clear Blocks To Living a Miraculous Life -- Now

Without Effort or Having to Analyze Yourself 

Click to play the brief video below to discover how you can easily transform your life

EASILY and rapidly clear unconscious, energetic, and spiritual blocks and programming.

Unleash more of your full potential

Get off the "hamster wheel "of personal development:

endlessly analyzing yourself and your childhood, thinking you have to do it "right", try harder, and figure it all out logically.

Are you ready to let go of what is blocking you and open up to more of your

full potential to live a more miraculous life?"

A life that is more miraculous, magical, flowing, and synchronistic.

Some of the benefits of the BlockBuster Mini Program

Clear Blocks To Living a Miraculous Life Without Effort or Analysis

Benefit 1: Achieve personal and spiritual growth without the need for introspection or self-analysis.

Benefit 2: Experience a smoother life journey without constantly facing internal barriers.

Benefit 3: Save time and energy by not having to delve deep into personal issues.

Easily and Rapidly Clear Unconscious, Energetic, and Spiritual Blocks

Benefit 1: Experience faster personal transformation.

Benefit 2: Heal deep-rooted issues that might have been hindering progress.

Benefit 3: Achieve a clearer mind and spirit, leading to better decision-making.

Unleash More of Your Full Potential

Benefit 1: Achieve goals and aspirations that previously seemed out of reach.

Benefit 2: Experience increased confidence in personal and professional endeavors.

Benefit 3: Unlock new opportunities and possibilities in life.

Get Off the "Hamster Wheel" of Personal Development

Benefit 1: Avoid the trap of over-analyzing and overthinking.

Benefit 2: Experience genuine growth without the constant feeling of being stuck.

Benefit 3: Enjoy a more organic and natural progression in personal development.

Align Your Spirit with Your Deep Inner Human Wisdom (Miraculous Self)

Benefit 1: Be guided, nurtured, and supported by your Miraculous Self

Benefit 2: Make decisions that resonate with both your inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

Benefit 3: Experience a deeper connection with oneself and the universe.

Transformation is Easy, Fun, and Immediate

Benefit 1:Enjoy the process of personal growth without it feeling like a chore.

Benefit 2:See immediate results, leading to increased motivation

.Benefit 3:Incorporate the program into daily life without it feeling burdensome.

Clear and Heal Unconscious and Energetic Programming

Benefit 1:Break free from societal, ancestral, and familial conditioning.

Benefit 2:Develop a unique identity that's true to oneself.

Benefit 3:Experience more authenticity and freedom in thought and action.

Strengthen Guidance from Your Spirit and Inner Wisdom

Benefit 1:Make decisions that are in alignment with one's true purpose.

Benefit 2:Experience increased clarity and intuition.

Benefit 3:
Foster a deeper connection

A message from Art Giser:

Do you ever feel like there is an invisible wall blocking your from opening more of your full potential?

I felt that way 40 years ago.

I explored many different systems in my quest for more success, happiness, health, and fulfillment.

Now I share what I learned that transformed my life.

Join thousands of people all over the world who have used Energetic NLP™ to clear and heal their blocks and to open more of their full potential to live a more successful and happy life.

Wishing you a miraculous life,


Tell me more

What will I receive?

A powerful video each day for days.

How soon will I see and feel results

As soon as you watch the first video

What is my Miraculous Self?

Your Miraculous Self is a concept unique to Energetic NLP

It is when your spirit with its vast knowledge and abilities becomes aligned with your deep inner human wisdom.

You will create your Miraculous Self by listening to the video 1

Why do I want a Miraculous Self?

The world of energy and spirit is dynamic and complex. Our conscious minds are not capable of fully comprehending it. '

You are always stuck in the limitations our conscious understanding.  Always stuck on the hamster wheel of analyzing yourself.

In Energetic NLP you get out of constantly analyzing yourself and trying to figure it all out.

Instead, you put your Miraculous Self in charge, and let it do its magic and transform your life. It makes it so much easier and more enjoyable, and your success and happiness skyrocket.

Is it hard, and does it take a lot of time?

It's easy and fun.

Each video is about 30 minutes

Your transformation starts immediately
and grows and grows each day.

Free BlockBuster 4-Day Program
Energetic NLP Energy Spas™ are easy, rapid, and fun
Yes, I am ready to clear and heal unconscious, energetic, and spiritual blocks now. And make it easy and fun.

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Program And in Only 4-Days

Clear BlocksTo Living a Miraculous life NOW!!

BlockBusting In 4 Days is a Free On-Demand Video Program

These simple, powerful, and rapid guided Energetic NLP processes will magically heal and dissolve blocks to your success and happiness.

Transformation can be
easy and fun.

During this Energetic NLP Energy Spa™ program you will:

  • Clear and heal unconscious programming

  • Clear and heal energetic programming (ancestral, societal, familial)

  • Free yourself from the limitations created by hidden spiritual blocks and “spiritual contracts" using a unique Energetic NLP process

  • Strengthen the guidance you receive from your spirit and inner wisdom

  • Allow your inner wisdom and spirit to propel you to a more fulfilling life

  • Learn the essential components to leading a more miraculous life

Below to Hear Carrie Share Her Experience In The BlockBuser Program

Led by Art Giser

The Creator of Energetic NLP

What The Experts Say About Energetic NLP and Art Giser



“Isabel and I are excited about the training you are developing. We think that working in the human energy field is the next great breakthrough in NLP.”



Art Giser is a fine person as well as being a truly gifted teacher and healer. We have seen and experienced the deep changes that can occur as a result of his fascinating work. He blends energy work with powerful NLP patterning about as well as it can be done. We both recommend his training and his work.



“Based on my personal experience, I believe Art Giser to be a gifted healer with a down to earth perspective. I am not qualified to judge whether their work is truly ‘psychic” ­nor do I care about that. An NLP practitioner with an open mind can significantly enhance his or her awareness and effectiveness by studying with him”



“I met Art 27 years ago. We had both studied psychic and human development for many years already. Immediately we began an exciting collaboration that has grown more and more exciting. I have observed Art becoming ever more skillful, powerful and effective, synthesizing meditative disciplines from the East and the West, and even from South America, into a unique, extraordinarily helpful system. Art stays grounded and adventurous, practical and visionary; and can communicate all this information clearly and directly.”



“As someone who is done a lot of self development training, your training reaches the parts of me not only that other trainings didn’t touch, but that I didn’t even know existed. It’s really been fascinating to me. I have had aspects of myself blossoming that I didn’t even know were there. I didn’t even have a hint that those parts of myself existed, but they have come to being as result of being through your training. I’m blossoming.”

Video 1: Create Your Miraculous Self

Video 2: Clear and Heal Blocks

Video 3: Empowerment

Video 4: Turbocharging

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